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More than 30 million Americans – about 1 in 11 – suffer from eczema. The condition is most common for babies and children, but also can reach well into adulthood. While a disease of the skin, living with eczema takes a heavy toll on the quality of a patient’s life and mental health. Sufferers are more likely to develop food allergies and infections. There is no cure, only therapies designed to manage the symptoms. Finding a treatment option that works can be a challenge. And although research is being done to develop new treatments, discovering a cure will take greater investment and more collaboration among researchers.

The International Eczema Council was founded to address these problems by establishing a central home for eczema education and research worldwide. Our work supports innovative research, brings together the world’s leading experts, and strives to educate primary care physicians and dermatologists so they can diagnose and treat the condition faster for patients who are suffering.

Our aspiration is nothing short of radically improving the lives of patients suffering from eczema. We seek donations to support fighting eczema, and are committed to innovative work that will one day bring an end to Eczema. Now is a crucial, exciting time for IEC, as we know it is for you. We appreciate your support to help us with our mission toward a better quality of life for those living with eczema.

To make a tax-deductible donation please please email Alan Stiles, Chief Executive Officer: [email protected] or reach out to Alan at  (703) 963-2704.