Educational Modules: New Tools for Atopic Dermatitis Clinical Investigators

The International Eczema Council is providing atopic dermatitis (AD) clinical investigators with two valuable new educational modules for atopic dermatitis (AD) clinical investigators.

These IEC-provided tools can help investigators improve data quality and study accuracy by reducing interrater variability.

The modules use a standardized method to calculate:

  • BSA: the percentage of body surface area affected in four regions
  • EASI: the patient’s Eczema Area Severity Index score, an evaluation of area involvement and clinical signs
  • TLSS: the Target Lesion Severity Score, which assesses severity of lesions

With real-life examples using photos and an experienced investigator’s tips, these modules provide investigators with a broad overview of the rating process and detailed instructions on each method. Even skilled medical professionals who routinely perform clinical assessments will benefit.

These atopic dermatitis modules are hosted for the IEC on an external site by Trifecta Clinical. Certified training on the use of these modules also is available from Trifecta Clinical.

Looking for additional insight into atopic dermatitis?

Access the Validated Investigator Global Assessment for Atopic Dermatitis (VIGA-AD™) scale and make plans to attend an upcoming IEC event.